30 March 2023 the Netherlands

Internship vacancy: Research project on gender & agroforestry

Tropenbos International is looking for an intern for a (desk-based) research project on the link between gender and agroforestry. In addition to this main research project, the student will be asked to support in other assignments in relation to the ongoing programmes at Tropenbos International.

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29 March 2023 Indonesia

Safeguarding Indigenous lands in West Kalimantan, Indonesia

For generations, the Indigenous Dayak Simpakng of Mekar Raya village in West Kalimantan, have been managing trees and crops in a complex system known as Tembawang. They depend on Tembawang for their livelihoods. It is where they collect fruits, vegetables, and materials for weaving baskets. It is also where they get clean water from numerous springs. To them, the Tembawang area is sacred and needs to be protected as part of their life support system and culture.

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23 March 2023 the Netherlands

Call for papers: Communities and the timber value chain in South and Central America

Tropenbos International is calling for contributions to the publication: “Communities and the Timber Value Chain in South and Central America”, which is being carried out within the framework of the Working Landscapes Programme.

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22 March 2023 General

Supporting agroforestry adoption – Lessons from the Working Landscapes programme

The incorporation of trees on farms, known as agroforestry, has the potential to contribute to resilient livelihoods, climate change mitigation, and biodiversity conservation. But, despite its many benefits, the widespread adoption of agroforestry still faces numerous challenges.

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14 March 2023 Ghana

Upscaling cocoa agroforestry in Ghana

In Ghana, cocoa is traditionally grown in agroforestry systems, but over time farmers increasingly switched to monocultures, with negative effects on long-term production levels and farmers’ resilience. We have supported cocoa farmers to bring back trees into their farms.

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13 March 2023 Ghana

A little push from my friends: VSLA groups promote economic empowerment among women

Climate change is threatening the livelihoods of smallholders in the Juabeso-Bia and Sefwi-Wiawso landscapes in the Western North Region of Ghana. Most of these farmers depend on only one crop — cocoa — which makes them particularly vulnerable to changing and ever more extreme weather conditions. To increase their resilience in the face of climate change, farmers must invest in climate-smart practices; for example, by diversifying their income sources. However, such investments typically require more cash than they have on hand.

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