Responsible business and finance


Achieving climate-smart landscapes requires that businesses and financial institutions adopt innovative models and schemes that minimise negative, and maximise positive social and environmental impacts. In our view, responsible business and finance requires:

  • Fair and equitable integration of smallholders in the value chains of commodities that are produced in tropical forested landscapes.
  • Effective implementation of private sector standards, criteria and commitments for sustainability.
  • Appropriate public policy instruments to promote sustainable and inclusive trade.
  • Improved design and implementation of financing instruments (such as REDD+ and other Payments for Environmental Services), so they improve the competitiveness of sustainable forest management compared to alternative land uses, while improving the livelihoods of forest-dependent people.

TBI focusses on improving the development, implementation and monitoring of voluntary standards and certification schemes, zero-deforestation commitments, business models that integrate smallholders, and financing schemes that support climate-smart landscapes.