Outcomes of participatory multi-stakeholder dialogues in the Philippines

Outcomes of participatory multi-stakeholder dialogues in the Philippines

Philippines - 01 March, 2021

Since 2018, our partner Forest Foundation Philippines has been promoting participatory multi-stakeholder dialogues in landscapes across the Philippines. These dialogues contribute to inclusive and well-informed decision-making on land and water governance and link landscape actors to national decision-makers.

The dialogues are part of our joint Sustainable and Inclusive Landscape Governance programme, which build on landscape experiences and promote best practices. Within the programme, we also develop methodologies and tools that can help landscape stakeholders co-create and co-implement landscape governance activities.

In the Malindawag watershed, the landscape dialogue has connected academia and the local government who are now working together in an inclusive watershed management initiative for Mount Malindawag.

Communities in Southern Sierra Madre were also inspired through the dialogues to better understand climate-related risks in their landscape. As an important input for the landscape dialogue, Forest Foundation Philippines supported a vulnerability and risk assessment to help communities and local government units identify necessary adaptation measures, including nature-based climate solutions.

The following video summarizes the 2018-2020 landscape governance journey and highlights the landscapes' call for stronger participation of national government, and private sector. Ultimately, the dialogues sparked interests to more effectively collaborate within and among the landscapes, for a more sustainable and inclusive landscape governance in the Philippines.

The following interactive reports provide quick summaries of dialogue documentations, and recommendations in three landscapes, and also provide links to other relevant materials on the concept of landscape governance.